Enterprise Level IT Solutions and Consulting Services

Information technology should improve the efficiency of a business. SON Technology is a full-service provider of IT solutions and consulting services. SON specializes in managed IT services, cloud computing, enterprise networking and project management. We have experience delivering hosting, network, and application services to leading clients in the financial, commercial, education and government sectors globally and throughout Greater Orlando.

At SON Technology our goal is to support our clients core business processes while building long-lasting relationships. We accomplish this through a combination of our innovative IT solutions and consulting services, a pragmatic approach to meet each clients needs and retaining the best talent in the business. This provides the perfect balance to address the IT challenges that plague you today and plan for the future.

We are here to provide you with high-value IT solutions and consulting services tailored to your current business situation. Focus on your core business while we ensure the quality of your IT infrastructure. 

If you are looking to add a trusted partner to your team or have questions about any of our IT solutions and consulting services contact us today!